• Experiencing a variety of sounds and learning how sounds are produced by playing musical instruments, speaking or singing
  • Playing instruments with an emphasis on steady beat, repeated rhythm patterns, graphic notation, and ensemble music
  • Ensemble Development, an activity that builds the skills preschoolers need in order to create music within a group
  • Engaging in creative expression and language play, expressing feelings and ideas through movement and music
  • Pre-reading music and learning to interpret graphic notation symbols, a precursor to learning traditional music symbols


  • Increased attention and focus; growing ability to memorize and recall
  • Growing ability to detect patterns, nuances, and timbre in sounds, a critical skill for music and language development
  • Experience waiting patiently, taking turns, working cooperatively in a group and communicating effectively and respectfully
  • Wider vocabulary and knowledge of story structures; critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Learning how to decode and interpret symbols, skills necessary for reading, math, and music


  • Mondays (Please Email for Class Schedule)
  • Classes run from September 10th to May 27th… you may join at any time


  • $80 + HST ($90.40) (first month is charged at time of registration)
  • Monthly tuition includes weekly classes and digital home materials
  • Our Studio will be closed the week of December 24th and the week of March 11th. The monthly tuition does not change since these days off are factored into the monthly tuition


  • Downloadable music or live stream
  • Video and movement activities
  • Downloadable ebook
  • Downloadable activities
  • Parent information

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